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Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. Let Us Ascend (Sanctuary).

Purpose: To be those whom God is looking for, who will represent Him; to stand in the gap for people, places, current events and all that God by His Spirit burdens us for; to release through intercession and prophetic declaration the will and the mercy of God.

The Secret Place
The Secret Place is a designated room for prayer. It is available for prayer 30 minutes before Sunday AM & PM. It is also available during office hours Monday-Thursday. Call ahead to reserve a time slot.

Daily Prayer Chain
Call the church office with your requests for prayers of agreement by 2:30 Monday – Friday or leave a voicemail any day/evening of the week.

2023 Vision and Goals 

  1. To raise a multi-generational army of intercessors who know their identity in Christ, understand the role they play and the impact their prayers have.
  2. Progressively increase personal, corporate, and regional prayer coverage: Daily Prayer Agenda, Weekly Prayer Focuses, Monthly Intercessory Gatherings, Powershift Gatherings
  3. Continue to train a multi-generational army of intercessors
  4. To raise up generals of prayer in the Seven Cultural Mountains. Focusing on the mountains of Government, Business and Education
  5. Pray and press into our theme verse John 20:22: Holiness, Holy Habitation

Intercessory Ministry Declaration

  • We declare that in this year of our Lord 2023 prayer will continue to increase on our personal altar, family altar, Shekinah Revival Ministry altar, and the regional altars in West Michigan. We will build up righteous altars and tear down unrighteous ones and claim airway supremacy in the heavenlies.
  • We declare that there is a multi-generational army of intercessors that are arising, being trained in God’s Word, armed with the full armor of God and mobilized into their sphere of influence.
  • We declare that God is raising up generals of prayer in each cultural mountain, that are ascending the Mountain of the Lord in worship and descending in war, with 3rd heaven solutions to earthly problems.
  • We declare according to John 20:22 that we receive the breath of Holy Spirit that sanctifies and empower us aggressively ask, seek, knock and possess our promised land.