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Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. Let Us Ascend (Sanctuary).

Purpose: To be those whom God is looking for, who will represent Him; to stand in the gap for people, places, current events and all that God by His Spirit burdens us for; to release through intercession and prophetic declaration the will and the mercy of God.

The Secret Place
The Secret Place is a designated room for prayer. It is available for prayer 15 minutes before and after Sunday AM & PM. It is also available during office hours Monday-Thursday. Call ahead to reserve a time slot.

Daily Prayer Chain
Call the church office with your requests for prayers of agreement by 2:30 Monday – Friday or leave a voicemail any day/evening of the week.

Intercession and Deliverance

(Intercession 2020 Goals)

Raise a multi-generational army of 50+ Intercessors,  with specific marching orders.

  • Raise 7 Generals of prayer per Mountain
  • Identify different types of intercessors; equip them and release them.

Progressively increase the prayer coverage from personal, to corporate, sphere of Influence and regions.

Intercession Prayer Request

  • Pray for the mantle of prayer over Shekinah Revival Ministries to be carried by each believer.
  • Pray for the 50 intercessors to arise with commitment, discipline and perseverance

(Deliverance 2020 – 2021 Goals)

Establish a deliverance team

  • Progressively minister personal to regional deliverance.
  • Spiritual Mapping & Prayer Walks

Deliverance Prayer Request

  • Pray for divine guidance and wisdom to establish a deliverance team.
  • Pray for those who are called to be part of the deliverance team.